Public International Law

Public International Law is a set of laws that regulates relationships between States and/or International Organizations.

Concerning its history…

Previous: The Ancient Age (Ancient times; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome); The Middle Ages.

  • From the 1648 Peace Treaty of Westphalia to the 1815 Congress of Vienna.
    • Treaty of Westphalia: it recognized the principle of sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality of States.
    • Mare Liberum.- Grotius.
    • De Jure Belli ac Pacis (Pufendurf, Hobbes, Locke).
  • From the 1815 Congress of Vienna to the outbreak of the WWI in 1914.
    • Sovereignty
    • Balance of power
    • Legitimacy
    • Equality between Nations.
    • Codified Law on Diplomatic agents and missions.
    • Prohibited slave trading and laid me ; foundations for the free navigation of rivers.
  • Council of Europe: modern International Law (State’s responsibility).

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