Test 3: sources of Public International Law


  • Enumerate general principles of law in accordance with the article 2 of the UN Charter:
    1. The ban for the use of force.
    2. Pacta sunt servanda.
    3. A) and b)
    4. None of them.
  • Concerning Declarations: (choose the correct answer)
    1. Declarations are binding to the States when the contesting States have adopted, authenticated, signed and ratified them.
    2. Declarations may be unilateral.
    3. Declarations cannot be unilateral.
    4. Declarations may be contrary to jus cogens


  • Concerning soft law:
    1. Soft law is always binding.
    2. Soft law is a secondary rule like jurisprudence.
    3. Soft law must be interpreted and integrated with the main legal sources of International Law.
    4. Soft law is doctrine.
  • The list provided by the Preamble of the 1970 UN Friendly Declaration on Friendly Relationships is:
    1. Numerus apertus
    2. Numerus clausus.
    3. Res communis.
    4. Terra nullius.
  • The aims of the general principles of law in Spanish Law are:
  1. Interpret and integrate the Spanish legal order.
  2. Interpret the Spanish legal order.
  3. Integrate the Spanish legal order.
  4. General principles of law are source of International Law but not a legal source of Municipal law.